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Temperament in the German Shepherd


  Few people can handle really tough dogs of any breed.. It requires truly caring, and  getting inside their heads and hearts and teaching them all they missed…as much as is humanely possible.

 No one can  ever make up for the lost days and weeks and years…of love and caring they never received.. But if you care you can make a good run at it.. Sometimes you are rewarded with a love that is boundless and enduring , and  way beyond any  of your expectations…from  such an unfortunate victim of  past  inhumane or  simply   negligent lack of concern rearing. …

 It doesn’t come easy and sometimes not at all…but when it does, it opens a new world for both of you…

 You,  can sit outside, with him or her,  at your side,  together,  for an hour or more and just watch the big white  clouds go by in the  blue sky with a total understanding and sharing of the delight of a beautiful  day.. 

  Words become almost unnecessary, as you each read the other’s thoughts.. That is the basis for a true companionship.. The sharing…without the necessity of words or commands or demands… they are obsolete, left behind as one  disregards  that which is no longer revelant or needed.

 The true surprise is when this once tough and unreachable  companion, decides it is safe and time to let the ‘secret puppy’ who lives in   their heart..Come out to play with his  trusted friend and pal…they  will do all the cute puppy tricks for your delight… they show you their  great sense of humor  they have  hidden all these years, because no one  before, was worthy of sharing it…

  They can become as trustworthy and predictable as  the calendar and the days on it…they   trust you to love and care and adore  their ‘secret puppy’….You have won a great victory and even more, , a great and enduring love….

Barbara lee williams